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Cheap, good quality makeup!

make upSo I'm a big fan of makeup of good quality but sometimes prices can get nuts! I guess you guys are familiar with brands like MAC, Urban Decay etc etc.. They are good quality brands but not very cheap.. they're kinda in the mid-range.
Me being a lover of makeup and a freelancer use a lot of brands but I don't tend to buy the "high-end" considered brands too much because they are waaaay too expensive and I don't really like brands that are not specifically makeup oriented unless they have something really really good that can't be duped in other brands.

I decided to make a list for you guys with the cheapest good quality makeup mostly non brand makeup items on ebay. A lot of websites take these exact palettes and stuff, put their label on it and have their own price for them but you can find them on ebay.com without a name for cheaper though Coastalscents.com seems to have better quality eyeshadows in these same palettes so I guess they formulate them differently. I don't know..

I think I'll also make a list of cheaper than mid-range makeup brands. Think of brands like Makeup Geek, Sigma, Sleek etc! So keep on the lookout for that!


This seller sells some amazing lashes! Look for the ones that have "Handmade" in their names.
They are Amazing and all I use!
I do have brand named lashes but because I'm a freelancer these are amazing for saving me some cash.
The eyelashes come in a pack of 10! and go for around $5!! yes $5!
The bands are thin, easy to bend and to work with!

Ms.Agent ebay aution for eyelashes

My favorite ones

TW-19    $5,99

QQ06    $5,99

120 Warm palette    $10,76

This palette is amazing. It contains all neutral/earthy tone colors and has a mix in it of matte,shimmer and satin finishes

120 palette    $10,45

A well known palette! A beautiful mix of colors and finishes. 
If you search on ebay you'll find different color combo's and more colors in one palette

Pro 28 Color Warm Neutral Eyeshadow Palette Eye Shadow (Love this one! Good dupes for the UD Naked Basics Palette)    $7,18

SkinFood Concealer #1 More Pinky toned en #2 More Beige toned  $8,22

This is probably my favorite concealer! I literary use this every day.. 
It has great coverage, beautiful dewy finish and it kinda reflects the light! I <3 this!

Professional 10 colors makeup Concealer Camouflage Neutral Palette    $5,50

This is another amazing palette.. The formulation is amazing. This palette is a must whether you're a makeup artist or just for personal use.
You can use this as a foundation or concealer and its awesome for highlighting an contouring! 

10 piece blush palette    $6,99

Very pigmented blushes! Great colors!

Pro MakeUp Cosmetic Set Eyeshadow Foundation wood Brush blusher Tools ( I got them from RC-cosmetics but i see they're te same!)    $19,48

Very good and soft brushes. They're often duped to the Sigma synthetic brushes.


Hot Pots! 
By Coastal Scents. I Adore these! I almost own them all! they are amazing.. super pigmented and I use them in nearly every tutorial I make! There are some great mac dupes of these!! they do these 50% off almost 4 times a year!   $1,99 each now on sale for $0,99

252 ultimate palette

This palette contains 252 hot pot eyeshadow colors. So if you can't decide which ones to get, buy this palette (names are listed somewhere in the palette).     $24,95

Camo Quad     $7,95


These brushes are of descent/good quality. 

Ebay Pro Sixplus 7Pcs Eyes Basic Kit Makeup Brush Set Eyeshadow Blending Brushes

7 piece basic brushes

Pro Blending Fluff   $4,95

Classic Blender Crease Natural    $2,49

Classic Blender Crease Natural

Classic Blender Pointed Natural    $2,95

Classic Shadow Medium Natural    $2,49

Classic Shadow Small Natural     $1,95

Classic Shadow Angle Natural    $1,95

Elite Angled Liner    $2,95

Classic SuperBuki Natural   $18,95

Classic Large Tapered Powder Natural    $8,95

I hope this helped you guys a bit..Till next post Insha'allah!
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Xx Siham

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