zondag 29 september 2013

Cheap, good quality makeup!

make upSo I'm a big fan of makeup of good quality but sometimes prices can get nuts! I guess you guys are familiar with brands like MAC, Urban Decay etc etc.. They are good quality brands but not very cheap.. they're kinda in the mid-range.
Me being a lover of makeup and a freelancer use a lot of brands but I don't tend to buy the "high-end" considered brands too much because they are waaaay too expensive and I don't really like brands that are not specifically makeup oriented unless they have something really really good that can't be duped in other brands.

I decided to make a list for you guys with the cheapest good quality makeup mostly non brand makeup items on ebay. A lot of websites take these exact palettes and stuff, put their label on it and have their own price for them but you can find them on ebay.com without a name for cheaper though Coastalscents.com seems to have better quality eyeshadows in these same palettes so I guess they formulate them differently. I don't know..

I think I'll also make a list of cheaper than mid-range makeup brands. Think of brands like Makeup Geek, Sigma, Sleek etc! So keep on the lookout for that!