zaterdag 30 juni 2012

Colorful Eye Makeup Look

Salaam Beauties!

Today's look is a more Colorful look (kinda.. I used black.. somehow i cant stay away from black people. I think it's a serious addiction :D). I just took my eyeshadows and started, not having any specific look in mind and this is what I ended up with. Hope you guys enjoy it and stay tuned for the video tutorial!

Products used:

Bitch Slap cosmetics corrector: Alabaster
Ebay 120 eyeshadow palette: Yellow, White, Purple
NYX Pearl Mania: Yellow pearl, Lime pearl (You can skip these)
Makeup Geek e/s: Poolside, Corrupt (You can use all colors from the 120 palette)
Starsmakeup haven e/s: Plum Crazy, Limelight (Again you can use the colors in your 120 palette)
Maybelline: Eye Studio Gel Liner
Forgot what lashes i used :(

For this look you can use your 120 palette only! I just used what I had and what I like.

The video tutorial! :D Enjoy

X Siham

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